Radio X Session #7 Evelinn Trouble

Am 15.12 ab 21:00 ist es wieder soweit: die legendäre Radio X Session #7 mit Evelinn Trouble. Evelinn Trouble hat gerade ihren neusten Longplayer "Longing Fever" releast und gibt uns exklusive Einblicke in ihr neustes Werk. Das Konzert findet in der Lounge von Radio X statt und wird live im Radio übertragen.

Longing Fever, the fifth full-length album from singer-songwriter / producer Evelinn Trouble, is a dark and sobering examination of our need to love and be loved. Visceral, layered, and rich in nuance; each of the twelve songs found on here were expertly crafted to land on your tongue with ease—designed to be addictive. Trouble was always a genre shapeshifter, but with this record the fusion of styles is so natural and seamless that it’s impossible to break it down into primary components. When she fuses old-timey a capella singing with heavily distorted drums („Just Wanna Vibe“) or contrasts techno beats with Iggy Pop’esque guitar riffs („Abundance Of“) what we get is essentially the sound of Trouble! It’s hard to even separate the synthetic from the acoustic as far as the arrangements are concerned, as the instrumentation blends together so naturally: everything working together to carry her dark and mature voice. A voice that - on top of her eerie and poetic lyrics - carries a story of it’s own.

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